Tuesday, January 31, 2006

this is a rant

I have an idea what fanatics feel now.. how an obsessive hate drives people to maim and kill. My dear dear colleague, after screwing up on work, and he does it really well, believe me…was creating a racket. So asked him to pipe down a bit, as I couldn’t think straight.

To which, his answer was “u think? Wow”.. in a tone that mingled contempt nicely mixed with condescension.

Counted till about a million, till my curls bounced with the electric current around me. Didn’t deign to reply (too much) as I believe some people don’t have the basic intelligence to comprehend even a retort. I would call him the missing link, is it wasn’t such an insult to Darwin, the big bang and all of that.

I think if I had a good sharp knife, and an opportunity, I would have of all that precious hair from the Punj head of his. And would feel damn good if he was blown up by rabid gun toting freaks, from wherever. Please note here, that this is NOT against Punjs in general, I have some of my closest friends of both sexes, in that category.

However, not this one.


GG said...

My sentiments exactly my dear, my sentiments exactly!

Scout said...

lol. I think we have to get together for a cuppa... I am really interested, and have a couple of theories on the mentioned "Punj" :)

Anonymous said...

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Hoping to hear you..

progga said...

Remember (oh so long ago) when J Bond photocopied my passionate ravings about someone and distributed to all and sundry? I spent hours thinking up a really killer piece to say to him... and finally, when I did, he said, "what?"
Dang, when even insults have to be mediocritized.

mobius_tripping said...

Kim, ur Sqirelly wrath describes ME exactly.lol

Scout,methinks u have a few good stories to tell urself, of aforesaid Punjs.. do share :)

roy,visited site.. liked.. adn nice taste in music. was humming "tomakey chai" under my breath after i visited.. :)

frog, its BOND we're talking of here.. of the "menopause" fame.. wat DID u expect from him? lol