Sunday, March 19, 2006

Takeoff from a sms –Part 1

Sms 1. It said “tui nijey A-Z korchish in an alien city! Would give you a bravery award for that”

It was from an old old school friend, who I have grown up with, shared 1 rupee chaat and (back then) 5 rupee coke, and Cookie Jar goodies with. We had ridden the school bus together, and run after it, while we were both busy gobbling up aforesaid chaat and other forbidden fruit.

Those were the old days. Today, she is a mom of 2 boisterous boys, running a very successful boutique, and by her own admission, totally harried.

Today, I’m living in B’lore, away from family and other loved ones, whom I miss terribly (specially when there is nothing to share, momentous or otherwise), with a good job, acquiring all the material things I want, and by my own admission, equally harried.

That sms made me come to a screeching halt. What WAS I doing really? Ya, I had the job, I was making it on my own professionally (touch wood), I was on my way to buying my car (my first big investment.. the others will come a long way later). But I didn’t deserve any awards, or even any pats on my back.

Life, as I now am living it, and as are all my friends around me, sadly, is merely “work and home, home and work”. And no, there is no work-life-balance so spouted by new age gurus, evident in my life. I hop out of bed, hop into work, sit glued in front of the laptop drinking zillion cups of coffee, and leave office not before 9.30. After which I simply come home and crash.

An “A-Z” would be if I would sit up and take more control of my life, live a healthier and fitter life, dust those cobwebs away form my mind, and get a grip. I would go out there, do the courses I want, and also those I need. I would re-invest time in my old interests like music and dance, like DOING them, not just having a “couch potato” interest level. I would grow my own wings, fly wherever I want to, without any qualms, visit the world and revel in being alive. And when I do even ONE of these I mentioned, I will go and claim that award from her.

Till then, tomorrow is just another day.

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