Monday, October 16, 2006

The ties that bind..

Watched DOR over the weekend. It had been much hyped, and the director is an old favorite anyways…

A story, one could even call “simple”, if it weren’t lifted from that, by the clean sketches that Nagesh Kukunoor etched.

2 women, one strong, the other soft, both in very happy marriages. The husbands, going to Saudi for work, become friends and roommates, till a freak accident kills one, and police suspect foul play. So one sets out on a journey to save her hubby, thru a “maafi-naama” that only the other woman can give, and ends up making amazing friends along the way.

Lovely and haunting music, spectacular locales (H.P. and Rajasthan) and truly amazing acting by each and every cast member made it a movie worth every penny spent and more.

The only irritant was N.K himself, who has developed a penchant for doing cameos in his own movies. Thought it a bit forced and artificial acting, and in the smoothness of the fabric of the movie, it jarred. He is infinitely better as a director, a role he slips into with ease and finesse.

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Scout said...

will have to go watch this baby soon..