Friday, March 16, 2007

There’s a nip in the air...

Our lives and loves come back to bite us in the ass.. in my case, almost literally.

Woke up today, all happy and chilled, unaware what was to befall. Pottering around the kitchen, with my cup of coffee, pausing now and then to look, google-eyed, at the strange people parading through the Oprah Show, I stopped, hearing some whining and screeching outside my flat. Opened the door and found 3 humungous (the perfect Bong word would be “humdo”) men, with bamboos, trying to corner a shivering little puppy, who had got in, by mistake, and was now crouched, desperately trying to meld into the foliage.

I saw red..naturally. Ran out, in god-knows-what-I-was-wearing, to fight the puppy’s battles for him, and in very incoherent Hindi, told the guys something to the effect of “Would u like it if you were beaten?” and “God hasn’t sent us here to beat up others” yada yada…

And managed to get puppy out, pick him up, and talk in “baby voice” and get him outside. Which was going FINE..till one idiot man hopped out in front of us, with a damn bamboo. Puppy panicked, and bit the hand that carried it, dropped to the ground, and disappeared somewhere.

Well, called up zillion doctors (there has got to be some advantages of working in a pharma oriented company) got details and got vaccinated, all within the hour. 3 more injections to go, in next 21 days. Slight twinges of pain traveling up and down arm, but otherwise all fine…so, STOP PANICKING, MOM :-D

This had happened to me, 3 yrs ago, when I woke up in my P.G. and found a little squirrel paddling away, half dead, in the pot. Fished it out (as I couldn’t possible flush it away and live with myself) dried it in the sun, with my towel. When it recovered, it bit me on my finger, for all my pains, and ran away.

I seem to see a pattern emerging..


Scout said...

hope this doesn't mean the end of our dinner plans..

Sayantani said...

like they say, "bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha". :)