Friday, May 08, 2009

Up, up and away..

The amount of times, I have shifted around in Bangalore… would put people to shame. And no, the shifts are not personal (new home) shifts.. they are due to office spaces. In PharmARC, we shifted 5 times in 5 years – quite a feat, that!

I just joined my new company.. that was in August of last year. This April, we moved bag and baggage and shifted.. from Diamond District (6km from my house) to MG Rd (double the distance).

And oh god.. it’s a pain in the ass, and all other wrong places. Right now, Bangalore governments are frenetically digging trenches wherever they set their happy sights on, to build the Bengaluru Metro. What were one beautiful serene tree lined avenues in various parts of the city, now look like the Rann of Kutch.. flat dusty plains, billowing dust storms. And since dear aforesaid govt. is digging with a damn spoon.. it looks like we will be stuck in this grimy, cement-sand-floating-in-air limbo, forever.

I’m taking 3 hours per day, on the road.. which means that the rest of my life almost peters out, over weekdays.

Who am I kidding!! As if I was a party hopping freak when I was living 5 minutes from work. Still, do give me my moment to gripe, people..

MG Rd has been dug up completely. All scientists.. please don’t bother observing moon craters..we have them right here. Walking is a problem, as there are now no roads and no pavements anymore. So one totters over piles of dirty and mud and sand, smiling apologetically to vehicles who are waiting for you to pass, and maybe fall, face first, into the ditch beside.

One doesn’t just ride an auto in BLR, one careens. Merrily, capriciously, blindly… the autowala doing his version of being Michael in the Grand Prix till I tell him, “hello bhaiyaa, bhagwan se itna pyar toh abhi nahi hai, theek se chalaiye”.

Lurching through busy traffic, this guy decides he wants to Innova no less. So we caper along, till aforesaid misbegotten vehicle nudges us, oh so gently, into a mound of cement. So there I am, trying desperately to look calm and poised and serene, while sliding slowly but inexorably, down a seat with suddenly, a 45 degree slope. And in the middle of all this, the auto stalls with a choke and a sputter. My auto wala quietly says, “Shit!”

What else can I say, really?

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Priya Bose said...

hysterically true, all of it. except it's not only M.G. Road and the Metro route but 'B.G. Road' as well. and we don't have any 'no pain no gain' reason for it, no reassuring 'tears today, joy tomorrow' signboards promising a better future soon - it just IS.
And amidst that, people just ARE. No honking, swearing, fisticuffs like in Delhi. just a zen like trance, even in a vaccuum main-cross gridlock, and then a joyous zipping of 2-3 & 4 wheelers, just happy to be free again till, and even at, the next bottleneck. Am just amazed at the happy acceptance of it all.