Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And here, there be Dilberts..

Quick office update.

Have settled down amidst bilious pink walls. Poor R., who had just landed in B’lore, ran around getting plants to decorate the office with. Which led to some of the more.. erm.. hideous members of the fraternity to arrange themselves artistically around foliage and take numerous pictures.

We also have 3 clocks which range askew on the walls, and show wrong timings on India, US and Switzerland. And more importantly, a huge TV, where people watch enraptured while India looses match after cricket match.

We have no windows, so we actually call up friends at the other office, and ask them “is it raining?” 9am and 9pm are one and the same. Pathetic, really!!

A little counter, fondly dubbed as the “canteen”, storing our tea/coffee/lassi/assorted biscuits etc. is where we escape to, when in severe need to “let it out into willing ear”..

We are ALL uniformly Dilberts. We clutch and we cling, to our little cubicles, and even our own chairs and stationary, having hysterics when they are removed (our water jugs even have our names written on them).

Life is beautiful, or so says Roberto Benigni..


GG said...

Funny Girl :)

mobius_tripping said...

thank you, thank you... i find desperation leads itself well to writing :)

progga said...
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progga said...

Eidze, eww are doing little spell-tsecks, I am thinking. Else eww are getting to a stage of "hwatever I am minning, it is being same thing", a la Margo. Savvy?
Otherwise, my condolences. I sat in an office like that for 1.5 years, and just when we moved upstairs to light and air and space and a view of the Arabian effing Sea, I quit and came to the boondocks.

mobius_tripping said...

duur chhai.. speell check korechilam toh...didnt throw up any errors... dumb MS office..

and i think being in "effing closed space" has gotten to me, anyways...soon i will be wrapping cabbage leaf around head.. P. i'm sure you know what i mean, ofr others who dont get the literary allusion..too bad :D