Friday, December 02, 2005

Walk Tall

Saw a little girl in the bus today.

She got on, as the bus trundled through the streets, from what can be called as a "lesser economically well off" area.

Frayed socks, typical black school shoes from which both her big toes poked out of holes, a uniform too sizes too large for her.

But the uniform was spotless, the socks pulled on without a crease, the shoes polished till they shone. Her hair was neatly oiled and pulled back with 2 ribbons, as is common among all good little Southie girls.

Amongst all the pushing and shoving, she stood there holding the back of the seat, with a steady hand. And there was a sparkle in her eyes, a smile on her lips, and excitement at the thought of a new day, of playing with her friends at school.

Leena D, of class IV b, as her school bag proudly proclaimed…may you go a long long way.

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