Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the truth about cats and dogs

I have a dog at home. He is this humungous sized, typical blonde, slightly vain and eminently cuddle-able Lab. My mom, in moments of true irate-ness, swears that he is a cat in disguise, as Leo has the remarkable habit of living life only for himself. He growls deep in his throat and does a bored rendering of “lifting the lip into a curl” when one wants to drag him close and cuddle him, unless of course, HE is in the mood. The only one he cant do without is his older “brother” , Sasha, a Spitz.

Most unlike a dog really!!!

And now, in Bangalore, there’s a cat. She belongs to my neighbor, 2 doors down, a slim sinuous feline. And she’s most unlike a cat I have ever known.. I think she’s a dog in disguise. She has taken a fancy to me and my house, for reasons unknown. So whenever the door is open, she comes scampering in, till I drag her out of under the bed and send her homeward.

When I get home, and she’s around, she comes running up to rub herself against my legs till I bend and pet her. And then stands up on two hind legs, purring up at me in impatience for me to open my door.

She’s also the only cat who I have known, who plays “tooki”(hide and seek in Bengali). So, if u stand behind a pillar/wall/door and want to beckon to her, all u have to do is “hide” behind it and say “tooki”.. and she comes running.

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