Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mine, mine, mine…

A random thought that took off, from a conversation, and general musings..

Acquisition is the most basic force that drives us all. Irrespective of who we are, what we are, where (or not) we have reached.. sex, age, caste and creed…

People go shopping when they’re “blue”, or even if generally bored.. they wander into a shop, vowing determinedly that “no, I will NOT shop”, and then proceed to buy up anything and everything in sight. YES, I speak from experience, people :)

And this is not a “girl” thing. I have a friend who says that he often has a… I quote… “specially if I go into a frenzy to quire & own”. Though, with men, its mostly about the latest gimmicks and gadgets.. the I-pod, the camera, the cell with fancy attachments one uses once in a millennia.
But whatever it is that we buy, we feel great.

Or to move a notch up the expensive scale, the house, the car, etc. yes, they are investments, I agree, but basically it’s about hugging that feeling of “Ooh, this is MINE” close to you chest, and feel your heart swell with happiness, pride, or secret gratification.

So why do we really get such a kick out of, say, being a part of a couple? Apart from the very natural factor of the lovey-dovey scene, and the obvious other benefits that come with it. Deep down I think its also because there is something rather exultant about thinking “he/she is mine”.. which boils down to acquisition at the very end.

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