Sunday, February 26, 2006

Things I have RE-learnt over the weekend

  1. That I can actually cook ‘typical Indian” stuff. Butter chicken, no less, which was gobbled up by my team mates. And also salad, which I make well. The rest of the spread I happily left to R. who whipped up a storm in the kitchen and came up with a whole “North-Indian lunch” menu.
  2. That I’m house-proud. Woke up on Saturday at 9 am, to clean house, for aforesaid guests. Which is saying a lot, as my usual time to surface over weekends, is around noon. Got “oohs and aahs” of appreciation by friends, who teased me mercilessly about how I had cleaned the house just for them. Tho, that’s ok, as now they all want a house like mine :-D
  3. That my house looks like a dream, when spotless. The camera that S. got, and took pics of us, with a timer, captured the afternoon mellow sunlight filtering in thru the blinds. And the tall green fronds framed in the doorway.
  4. That, while its great when good, given the choice between “no sex” and “crappy sex”, I will now know to choose the former… any day…


progga said...

excellent chingri maach recipe from ma: gorom moshla, tej pata, ada-roshun-peyaaj bata, holud, lonka guro. Chingri maach and dumo dumo koray kata alu. moshla jaliye dump in alu and chingri maach, add salt and little water and let cook. Yummies! Best eaten with steaming hot jhor-jhorey bhaat. Kancha lonka for flavour.
(All this since you mention Indian cooking)

Anonymous said...

unfortunately you know it's crappy only when it is over....but such is life.