Thursday, November 16, 2006


So I’m waiting for this test to end,
So the lighter days can soon begin,
I'll be alone maybe more carefree,
Like a kite that floats so effortlessly.

But I’m about to give this one more shot,
And find it in myself,
Ill find it in myself. -Azure Ray

We’re shifting.. AGAIN!! To be more precise, we’re being shifted..

It all started when our Dearly Beloved Clients (from now on, called DBC) ran out of budget spectacularly, at the end of October. And thus, DBC decided to suddenly pack up shop. One balmy Monday morning, we found a “termination of services” mail in our inboxes, effective from next year February. As if Monday-morning-blues were not bad enough..

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that the whole team is dissolved out of our own company. It however means that now our team is amalgamated, willy-nilly, into a bigger (note, not better) team.

This is scheduled to happen in February, after the current contract was dissolved. Lightning bolts struck us when we were told we would be shifted by end of this week, into the new setup. Which really, is hideous, with less space, bad light, no facilities set up yet, et al.

Yes, ok, so I’m grumbling. Add to it, the groans, the moans, the whines, the whimpers…

If my team was despondent about the client thing, this is probably the final nail to the final coffin. None of us want to leave our spaces behind..more importantly, leave our friends in this office, behind.

I know, speaking from prior experience that we WILL settle in just fine, shake our feathers down and fit right in. I should know, us having changed 3 buildings in the same office, over 3 years.

The only really happy people are my friends who are already there, and are looking forward to us being there too.

On my to-do list right now:
Think positive
Remain calm

Let the games begin!!

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Scout said...

hey -- what the heck is happening??