Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You put ur left foot in..

It all started with a friend of mine rhapsodizing about some gals in her company doing regular “girls nite out” at random places all over the city.. how cool, how much fun, etc etc.

Carried away with all her stories, we 3 friends, in the company I work in, planned a similar venture. Had initially thought of calling a select few friends, then the 2 others made faces at me, and called me “prejudiced”, and “bitch” and a variety of such other loving names.

So, we threw it open to all the girls in the office, with an edict to “come if you can, no issues either way”..

And got the SHOCK of our lives, when dear “Sec to the Pres” happily told the Pres, and HE wants to join us, thinks it’s a great idea, specially that his dear wifey is out of town. And now we learn, he is bringing some of his sleazy (I’ve met them before at office party) friends aong.

This is one of those silent “WHAT????” moments. I mean, if this isn’t the HEIGHT of ass-kissing (by the Sec), I don’t know what is! If I would verbalize all the swear words, that I’m feeling right now, the page would catch fire..

Thus, now, in sheer desperation, we have opened the invite to a lot of other guys in office, as 1 President with 20 women, on a drink-dance-and-make-merry outing would be just too strange..

What a situation!! I could KILL that woman, I swear!!

Mood – really bad, ass-kicking, pissed off

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Scout said...

lol!! considering i have a pretty good idea of what you are talking about.. this is REALLY funny :)