Friday, April 25, 2008

Part IV

yes, the parts dont match since im not putting all my "basket-case dairies" online...that would be just too wierd :-D

Had a long chat with F. today, as we were walking to the bank and back. While in the beginning I didn’t know her all that well, I find a lot of similarities surfacing, as time goes by. Love for dogs, reading, same kind of music are certain threads of commonality.

Of course, the rest of the gang think “paka raha hai” when/if either of us start on our conversations about either…or about something that interests. I don’t understand…how can a group be so thrilled/proud of NOT amassing knowledge, of discussing something new?

Anyways, back to the chat.. we both decided to amass our feelings of dissatisfaction (about anything, really) in a positive manner. So, now plan get off my butt, and do what makes me truly happy; be it writing, painting, listening to jazz over a bit of wine and cheese, learning a new language, re-learning Math (that was one subject I loved once upon a time, far far away), pottering around with clay, or going for meandering trips in a dinky lil car (yes, I’m planning to buy one, and currently, cash strapped, its going to be very dinky indeed :-D)

Essentially, it’s all about me finally growing up to realize that life isn’t about sitting and thinking of all that I want to do, but going out and doing them.


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