Tuesday, December 05, 2006

..And how the west was won..

As mentioned, was in a really bad mood with the way the party got hijacked. Also, to add to our frustrations, the mails kept coming in, saying “sorry, can’t make it”. And the exasperating thing was that they were coming in from the nice people (yes, I’m prejudiced, so what!!). The irritating elements were still in full swing to attend.

If that wasn’t enough, the Sec went ahead, booked buffets and god knows what, where we “had” to pay up thousand bucks, no matter what, etc etc. no wonder, we were all smouldering.

So, we put our plans into action.

1st, we had to find out who all were coming finally. Sent around the sweetest girl to tell them about high prices (that was true). So she smiled nicely at them, said “so ur not coming, right” and marched back before they got over their bafflement and could protest otherwise.

2nd, we sent out a mail to all, saying the party was cancelled, due to random reasons.

3rd, called the admin people, who had hijacked our party in the first place, saying that it was cancelled, please “un” book the tables, etc.

I’m going into politics soon..

Mood – gleeful, chortling

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